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Osvětlení ES a.s. - Custody Přelouč

Custody of a street and festive lighting for Eastern Bohemia

Dealing with business, servicing and counselling service, offers its services to undertakers as well to the public

We provide:

Complex transferred custody of a street lighting, fittings, repairs, servicing, revision of street and festive lighting in cities including traffic lights and tower clocks.

Wiring works:
Building up electric supply mains and new current drain places, installation of overvoltage protections, fitting and installation of electric convector heaters, electric boilers, storage hybrid heaters, electric fires, heat pumps, water heaters, ceramic desks, water heaters of supply water (through-flow heater, reservoir water heater) etc.

Fitting, revision and servicing of transformer stations 10/0,4 kV s 35/0,4kV
We provide all these works and lot of others including a project documentation, revision and putting in operation. We also provide counselling in the whole electricity sector.

Are jou interested in our services?
Questionary for custody, running, maintenance of a street lighting and festive lighting and traffic lights.


Eastern Bohemia Custody of a street lighting Přelouč Osvětlení ES a.s.

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